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The following are examples of some of the many licensing projects developed with SNK within the field of Interactive Gaming:
Jeff Wayne?s Musical Version of ?The War of the Worlds? - Online Gaming (Casino)
ORP had a desire to move in to the interactive gaming market and targeted numerous sectors. Targets included online and console games inclusive of massively multiplayer and online gambling game concepts. Marketing of licensed products would be times ideally to link with tours in applicable global territories. Online Gambling agreement finalised after extensive discussions with MMO initiatives begun. Integration with core brand positioning and tours also enabled
Space 1999 - Digital Comics
A Cult Classic of its time. 2009 sees the 10th anniversary of the "End". Online Digital Comics will bring this back to life in a way that has never been seen before. Keep an eye out for the availability of this online
Catchphrase - Mobile / IDTV

Catchphrase is a quiz show that has seen many incarnations over the years but the format has continued to be a success. Known by a whole generation as a quiz show with humerous undertones, the show became a regular Saturdat night hit. Still known by many the gameplay continues to be enjoyed. Licensed to mobile and interactive TV games amongst others

Countdown - Mobile / IDTV
A Quiz Show phenomena in the UK and Ireland, Countdown has a huge fanbase which spans a huge demographic range. From students to Grandma and Grandad, the show has an awareness rating which is rarely beaten. Regenerated in 2009 and with new interactive games successes on platforms including mobile and interactive TV (IDTV), the show continues to go from strength to strength
Carry On - Online Gaming (Bingo)
Another cult classic with a whole generation of consumers all over the world. Identified as a key license opportunity within the gambling sector, due to demographics and installed fan base, Carry On was successfully licensed in 2009
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